Passionate Lavender Growers

lavender growers

We at Alphra Lavenders are passionate about the heritage of lavender and the life-quality benefits lavender contributes to our way of life. It is our pleasure to share this passion with guests, like you, from around the world.

Alphra Lavenders was established in 1997 as a lavender farming activity, to provide a new focus in our lives as we sought to create a lifestyle for ourselves based on a profound respect for the wonderful bounty of nature.

The interesting people we have met from a whole range of backgrounds and countries gives us wonderful memories.

From a small beginning our Farm has increased our planted area to one hectare of landscaped garden including over 120 roses and 12,000 lavender plants.

The main variety we grow is Grosso, chosen for its wonderful colour, fragrance and distinctive oil quality. Flowering occurs each year from early December to mid January.

In that time we have a spectacular display of mauve/purple flowers extending over most of our property. So cameras are a must!

Our crop is harvested in January each year (our summer). Using our own steam distillation equipment, we are able to distil our lavender flowers to produce fine quality essential oil of lavender. This oil is used in all our products.