About Our Lavender Farm

After two years of planning of

initial plantings started in 1997. Since then we have expanded and now have fields containing over 6,500 plants in production, including eight different cultivars of which we use three for oil production. From these we can obtain the essential oil of lavender we use in all our products, using an oil extraction process of steam distillation.

The main lavender varieties we grow are Lavandin Intermedia Grosso, Lavandin Intermedia Super and Lavandula Angustifolia Pacific Blue chosen for their wonderful colour, fragrance and distinctive oil qualities. These popular varieties are both much sought after for their fine quality essential oil.

Our mature grosso lavender plants can each produce up to 2,500 flowers and the view of our fields in full flower is breathtaking both for its photographic and scenic appeal and also for its fragrance. Earlier flowering Pacific Blue plants are smaller but their very dark purple colour makes a spectacular view when seen in the field. Their sweet lavender fragrance is very relaxing giving a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility.

We also have other lavender species, which are used for floral, dried and culinary purposes, and some new varieties are currently under development for their different oil qualities. As most lavender enthusiasts will say, a very good work ethic is required for growing lavender, as weeds never sleep.

The year round maintenance of our lavender fields is carried out by Bernie and Julie. Outside help is obtained from charities and sports clubs seeking donations for seasonal work when harvesting and carrying out plant maintenance, and Bernie and Julie are eternally grateful to every volunteer.

Our crop is mechanically harvested using a portable tea harvester in January each year (our summer). Using our own steam distillation equipment, we are able to distil our lavender flowers to produce the fine quality essential oil of lavender we require for use in all our products.

Wedding & Location Photographs

We do not allow wedding or commercial photography on our site as we are not licensed for this purpose. This means we cannot allow wedding or commercial photo shoots on our property at any time during the day. We look forward to meeting you.