Alphra Lavenders – A Free Tourist Destination

lavender growersWe love to share our love of lavender by welcoming visitors to our property. For fifteen years we have been producing a range of lavender products developed with the sole purpose of helping people to improve their quality of life.

Year-round we have welcomed visitors from Sweden, United Kingdom, South Africa, France, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and China. When you arrive you will immediately notice the peaceful quiet – no traffic noise or pollution. Also you will enjoy our scenic pastoral vistas.

But most of all you will love our pure and natural lavender fragrance and the opportunity to take photos of your family and friends standing between rows of lavender in flower.

You can visit us year round,to learn about how we grow our lavender, our oil distillation process, and also how we make a range of products developed to improve your quality of life.

For visits during our main flowering period, early November to end of January please bring your camera for great photo opportunities in our rural setting.

Opening Hours

We are open year round from Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 4.30pm. During flowering we are open daily from 10.00am to 4.30pm.

Our early variety of lavender will commence blooming in late November 2015 and our main lavender fields will be full bloom from early December 2015 and will continue in full flower until we harvest in late January 2016.

Now you can enjoy our happy fields of lavender and the opportunity to take wonderful photos of your friends and family.

Visitors love the joy of lavender and the great photo opportunities for family and friends. We are sure you will be impressed by what you see here.


lavender field

Ian and bev parlane